Caution: This structure most likely does not exist

Key changes from standard allele

455A>C (N152T)
602C>G (T201R)
667T>G (F223V)

ISBT allele designation

No designation assigned

Nucleotide changes relative to "standard RHD"

c.[455 A>C;602 C>G;667 T>G]

Amino acid changes relative to standard protein

N152T, T201R, F223V

ISBT group

Phenotype characterization and grouping

Partial D

Haplotype (typical)


Allele cluster

DIVa cluster


First full publication: 1997 Huang CH et. al. Am J Hematol. 1997 Jul;55(3):139-45.


No data


African ancestry (general): Not found in 60 DIIIa samples including the two original ones Westhoff CM et. al. Transfusion. 2010 Jun;50(6):1303-11. Epub 2010 Jan 15.

Related Alleles

Ccdes-1 [RHD(L62F,A137V,N152T)-RHCE(4-7)-RHD(G336C)]
DIII type 5 [RHD(L62F,A137V,N152T,T201R,F223V)]
DIII type 6 [RHD(A137V,N152T,T201R,F223V,A273A)]
DIII type 7 [RHD-RHCE(2)-RHD(A137V,N152T,T201R,F223V)]
DIIIa-ceS(1-2)-D(3)-ceS(4-7)-D [DIIIa-ceS(1-2)-D(3)-ceS(4-7)-D]
DIIIa150C [RHD(150T>C,L62F,A137V,N152T,T201R,F223V,819G>A)]
RHD(A137V,N152T)-CE(4-6)-D(7-10) [RHD(A137V,N152T)-CE(4-6)-D(7-10)]
RHD(I60L,N152T,T201R,F223V,G263R) [RHD(I60L,N152T,T201R,F223V,G263R)]
DVI type 4 [RHD-RHCE(3-5)-RHD]
RHD-RHCE(3)--weak D type 4.0 [RHD-RHCE(3)-RHD(T201R,F223V,819G>A)]
DVI type 3 [RHD-RHCE(3-6)-RHD]
DVI type 3.2 [RHD-RHCE(3-6)-RHD(A399T)]
RHCE(1-9)-RHD [RHCE(1-9)-RHD]
RHD-RHCE(2-10) [RHD-RHCE(2-10)]
RHD(L110P)-CE(3-9)-D [RHD(L110P)-CE(3-9)-D]
RHD(S68T)-RHCe(3-9)-RHD [RHD(S68T)-RHCE(3-9)-RHD]
RHD-RHCe(2-9)-RHD [RHD-RHCe(2-9)-RHD]
RHD-RHCe(2-9)-RHD1 [RHD-RHCE(3-9)-RHD]
RHD-RHCe(2-9)-RHD2 [RHD-RHCE(3-9)-RHD]

Additional comments

This allele in unlikely to exist. Samples assigned to this allele most likely represented DIII type 5
This structure originally has been reported to underly the DIIIa phenotype. It is likely non-existent, since 11 years later the original samples were shown to possess a structure previously described as DIII type 5.

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