Key changes from standard allele

ISBT allele designation

No designation assigned

Nucleotide changes relative to "standard RHD"

None reported

Amino acid changes relative to standard protein

ISBT group

Phenotype characterization and grouping

Partial D

Haplotype (typical)


Allele cluster

Eurasian D cluster


First mention in abstract form: 1996 Liu, W., Jones, J.W., Scott, M.L., Voak, D., and Avent, N.D. Molecular analysis of two D-variants, DHMi and DHMii. Transfus.Med. 6(suppl 2):21, 1996. (Abstract)


No data


No data

Additional comments

The existence of a hybrid allele with DHMii phenotype may be doubted: The molecular structure of the hybrid has never been satisfactorily established. DHMii was reported to be associated with an RHD-CE-D hybrid allele in which exons 3, 4 and â??most ofâ?? exon 5 of RHD were replaced by RHCE equivalents. In addition, an intact RHD gene (in trans?) was present, because a PCR detecting RHD intron 4 was positive. A more definitive study resolving these discrepancies and detailing the extension of the gene conversion is pending. Instead, a sample serologically similar to DHMii was characterized as DNS, while the RHD-CE(3-5)-D allele has been characterized as DVI type 4 associated with a DVI phenotype.

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