Human RhesusBase - changelog


Version 2.5.2
Corrected bug CO alleles not found
Corrected bug wrong CO cDNA position if queried using genomic DNA sequence

Version 2.5.1
Debug output inactivated in find by sequence
database corrected in find by SNV

Version 2.5
New feature: Search alleles by sequence
New feature: Search alleles by SNV
Correction: duplicate entry RHD(201A, 203A, 1136T) removed
Correction: 3 duplicated entries for sources removed
Correction: RHD(M1V,T379M) corrected to RHD(M1_S2insV,T379M)
Database structure change: unique key for source entries derived from external data
New technical feature: PHP querying included
New technical feature: Improved sequence analysis

Version 2.4
New feature: SNP data linked to GnomAD

Version 2.3
New feature: Related alleles
(alleles sharing all mutations but introducing additional mutations)
Note: hybrid alleles and deletions are not yet linked

Version 2.2
SNP linked to dbSNP

Version 2.1
Genomic data included (GRCh38.p12)

Version 2.0
First version with automated file generation