weak D type 45



Key changes from standard allele

1195G>A (A399T)

ISBT allele designation

RHD*weak D type 45

Nucleotide changes relative to "standard RHD"

c.1195 G>A

Amino acid changes relative to standard protein

Ala to Thr at codon 399


ISBT group

weak D

Phenotype characterization and grouping

weak D type; weakened D expression; Partial D

Haplotype (typical)

not reported

Allele cluster

Eurasian D cluster


First submission to GenBank: 2004 AJ867388 (submitted 2004-12-03, released 2004-12-07)

Other relevant descriptions:
AM072760 (submitted 2005-08-08, released 2005-11-15)


1 proband with allo-anti-D St-Louis M & et al. Immunohematology 2011; 27:20-24


Canada (general): 1 of 26 samples with weak or variant D phenotype St-Louis M & et al. Immunohematology 2011; 27:20-24
Linz region: AM072760
Linz region: Polin H et. al. Transfusion. 2007 Aug;47(8):1350-5.
Northern Germany: AJ867388

Related Alleles

DVI type 3.2 [RHD-RHCE(3-6)-RHD(A399T)]
RHD(216dupCA,1195G>A) [RHD(216dupCA,1195G>A)]
RHD(D35E,A399T) [RHD(D35E,A399T)]
RHD(G263R,A399T) [RHD(G263R,A399T)]
RHD(R114Q,A399T) [RHD(R114Q,A399T)]
weak D type 45.2 [RHD(R70W,A273V,A399T)]
RHD(V147M,A399T) [RHD(V147M,A399T)]
weak D type 45.1 [RHD(A273V,A399T)]

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