About the RhesusBase

The RhesusBase was established by Franz F Wagner and W.A. Flegel and is a compilation of published information on the molecular variability observed at the RH locus ("Rhesus locus"). Similar yet independent databases may be found in the Human Blood Group Mutation Database that also covers RHCE and in the Human Gene Mutation Database.

Currently, the RhesusBase covers aberrant RHD alleles only. These may be viewed sorted according to different criteria. RHCE-variants including the haplotypes underlying amorph Rhnull and D-- are currently not included.

The ISBT nomenclature currently refers to proposal v2.0 110914.

The database is updated regularly (how regular can be seen from the date of the last updates). If you have described or detected an allele that has been missed, please leave a note using the forms accessible at the lower end of the left frame.

For the authors:
Franz F. Wagner
office: DRK Blutspendedienst NSTOB, Eldagsener Str. 38, 31832 Springe