standard RHD



Key changes from standard allele

ISBT allele designation


Nucleotide changes relative to "standard RHD"

None reported

Amino acid changes relative to standard protein

ISBT group

standard RHD

Phenotype characterization and grouping

D positive (apparently normal)

Haplotype (typical)


Allele cluster

Eurasian D cluster


Other relevant descriptions:
The 1036 T>C of this sequence is usually not found in RHD and most likely was a sequencing error L08429 (released 1993-08-24)
The 636C>A substitution of this sequence is usually not present in RHD and likely was a sequencing artefact X63094 (submitted 1991-11-04, released 1993-04-21)
The M218I substitution is usually not found in RHD and likely represents a sequencing artefact X63097 (submitted 1991-11-04, released 1993-04-21)
CDe haplotype KY617091 (submitted 2017-02-13, released 2017-07-12)
CDe haplotype; IVS substitutions 149-29G>C and 336-56 delATGA KY617090 (submitted 2017-02-13, released 2017-07-12)


No data


African American: SWiTCH trial Chou ST et. al. Blood Adv. 2017 Aug 3;1(18):1414-1422. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2017007898. Frequency 1:0,565

Additional comments

Observed in haplotypes CDe, cDE, cDe and CDE

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