DIII type 5



Key changes from standard allele

186G>T (L62F)
410C>T (A137V)
455A>C (N152T)
602C>G (T201R)
667T>G (F223V)

ISBT allele designation


Nucleotide changes relative to "standard RHD"

c.[186 G>T;410 C>T;455 A>C;602 C>G;667 T>G;819 G>A]

Amino acid changes relative to standard protein

L62F, A137V, N152T, T201R, F223V, A273A

Haplotype (typical)


Allele cluster

DIVa cluster


First full publication: 2002 Wagner FF et. al. Blood. 2002 Jul 1;100(1):306-11. (submitted 2002-01-31, released 2002-06-19)

Other relevant descriptions:
DIII type 5 is the molecular structure underlying the DIIIa phenotype Westhoff CM et. al. Transfusion. 2010 Jun;50(6):1303-11. Epub 2010 Jan 15.

ISBT group

partial RHD

Phenotype characterization and grouping

Partial D; D category


hrB negative, HrB negative Pham BN et. al. Transfusion. 2009 Mar;49(3):495-504.


African American: SWiTCH trial Chou ST et. al. Blood Adv. 2017 Aug 3;1(18):1414-1422. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2017007898. Frequency 1:0,019

Additional comments

This allele is underlying most to all DIIIa phenotypes. The "obsolete" designation DIII type 5 is used for listing purposes, because the designation DIIIa allele recommended by ISBT in the literature has been used for a multitude of alleles in the literature.

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