Doescher A, Wagner FF, Nawroth B

Communicated information:
Allele G255R (JQ405074) observed in a sample from North West Germany. Additional information about serological patterns: LHM76/55 (IgG) 3+ LHM77/64 (IgG) 3+ LHM70/45 (IgG) 2+ LHM59/19 (IgG) 3+ LHM 169/80 (IgG) 3+ LDM1 (IgM) 1+

Type of allele characterization:
Gene sequence (Sequencing of the whole gene including all IVS)

Communicated by:
Doescher A, Doescher A, Red Cross Blood Service NSTOB, Brandenburger Str. 21, 26133 Oldenburg, Germany

Date of communication:

Suggested citation:
Doescher Aet. al.: . published on RhesusBase ( 2012